Introductory post 

This is the post excerpt.

Hey, this blog is actually for introvert people, like me, who have no idea of what’s happening in their life😑, although they know about others life😉, by the way, I would like to show you my happening life😅. The idea of creating this blog came from a cartoonist, who creates her own world, Mrs. Debbie Tung😎. 

About me: I am a undergraduate girl, from India, Mumbai. Until now, you should know, I’m a introvert, so now I will start to untag my self. Enjoy this….. Thank you 😁😁



Heya, I am truly bewildered that you found this small piece in this vast lost space of ours truly internet.

Life for para was an accidental blog of a new 14-year-old girl oops is even now new to the world of blogging, and since once the name got fixed, the 22-year-old thought, let’s continue with this, why not? Right!!!

So, a very warm welcome to all of you to the life in paradise aka our chapters of books.

Here, we gonna do a lot of talking, discussion, and everything in between of our favourite companion that man has ever created apart from dogs, am partial to it too.

Yours Truly,